ation? It was not that he wished to■ avoid suffering; he was brav■e. Did he then wish to prevent th■e ruin of his intellect? This secon■d hypothesis is perhaps th

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e true o●ne. He stopped at Genoa. The damp winds and ■the lowering skies of the cap●ricious autumn continued to tr●y him. He bore impatiently with th■e absence of

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light. A melancholy of an●other kind complicated his troubl■e: The Dawn of Day had had no success●. The critics had ignored th●e work, his friends had read it with

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 difficulty;■ J

General Practice

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Business Law

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Case Study - Medical Malpraxis:

expressed a po■lite but prudent judgment. "Certain parts of you■r book," he wrote, "I read like an ■old man, with a feeling of vertigo." Erwi●n Rohde, the dearest, the most esteeme

d, had not● acknowledged the receipt of the bo■ok. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote to him f■rom Genoa on October 21st: [Pg 2


■35] "DEAR OLD FRIEND,—No doubt so■me embarrassment


delays you. I pray you, in all● since


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